Kate Russell's only salaried job was when she worked for a circus.

Prefers not to eat vegetables that start with the letter A.

Can be compensated with fresh raspberries.

Loves a good handstand.

Grew up in a town of 2000, with only 2 paved roads.

That town; Calais, Vermont, now has fewer than 2000 people and still only 2 paved roads.

Tried to re-name herself 'Ace' at age 6, it didn't stick.

At one time, was among the top 20 best female mogul skiers in the country.

Was a professional furniture maker.

Ran a marathon, without training for it, in under 4 hours.

Currently** lives with chickens, who are considered props.  **Subject to change at any time due to nature and the neighbor's dogs.

Has a thing for a good looking couch.

Can coach an orchid into blooming again.

Toured with a traveling circus for 6 years.

Continued working with circuses as an aerialist, acrobat, and occasional producer for the next ten years.

Has jumped out of planes and off bridges, successfully.

Can offer a good shoe shine, when needed.